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Personal Trainer & Co - Founder of Jim Club | Corrective Exercise
& Mobility Specialist | Strength & Conditioning | Pre & Postnatal 

I believe fitness isn't just an opportunity to burn off extra calories, it’s an opportunity to challenge our bodies ability for learning and it's tolerance for physical activity. Being a fitness professional it's important to consistently expand your knowledge and tool set to give your clients the best service possible. In recent times I have completed various courses such as Level 4 Strength & Conditioning, FRC Mobility Specialist, Precision Nutrition Coaching & NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist to name a few.


My education has allowed me to create my own philosophy which provides the foundation for everything I do. My approach is about sustainable results and improving overall quality of life.  Combining the fundamentals of strength, conditioning, movement, mobility and nutritional coaching, I've developed a system of training that not only builds a body that looks good but moves freely leading to an improvement in overall health. 


Following a detailed lifestyle & movement assessment, together we will implement a bespoke plan that is realistic and achievable for your current starting point. From day 1 our journey together will be an educational one, giving you the knowledge and tools to not only achieve but sustain a healthy lifestyle. 


I will change your mindset and the way you think about health and fitness, improve how you move and give you the platform to go and achieve lasting results.

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