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Level 3 Personal Trainer | Strength & Conditioning

Hi I’m Yaz,

Growing up surrounded by sport, I have always made health and fitness a priority. After years of playing competitive sport including netball, athletics and dance, at the age of 15, my love for strength training began.

My fitness journey initially followed a bodybuilding training style where I was able to learn how exercise and diet can manipulate body composition. I then transitioned into more of a hybrid approach where I combine different training styles to ultimately improve bodily function and general daily movement. This is a style that also provides a lot of benefits to my clients. My holistic approach to fitness and health ensures my clients are well rounded. Sessions can include plyometrics, strength training, calisthenics, high intensity exercise and functional training

During my time as a Personal Trainer, I have taught both 1-1 and group classes. Teaching group classes at Ragdale Hall gave me my first insight to the power of training with others and how we can motivate each other to reach our goals. This is what makes being part of a community like Jim Club so great.

I love sharing my knowledge and passion with others and seeing not just physical changes, but how it can impact mental health too. I make sure all sessions are tailored to reach specific goals in a way that makes the journey as fun and enjoyable as possible!  I want you to LOVE your training.

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